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Nexio+™ AMP® is the next step in the evolution of the acclaimed Nexio AMP® video server. Now combining industry-leading Hewlett Packard Enterprise .

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“We're handling potentially hundreds of thousands of files in the sports Harris NEXIO Studio Suite Improves Control in File-Based Workflows true shared storage architecture of NEXIO servers, providing users of Harris Web-based configuration for quick and straightforward setup in both local and remote operations.

Nexio® Delay™ is a software application for Nexio® servers to provide a time delay recording and playout. Nexio Delay allows a frame-accurate time delay with .

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Which playout video servers are supported by Ignite? Grass Valley K2, K2 Harris Nexio NX4000ITS. 9. What is included in the base configuration of Ignite HD systems? • Software installation, commissioning, training and on-air cutover.

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Whether broadcasting systems integrations or totally bespoke solutions, MGI has the knowledge and expertise to deliver the very best technical solutions for your network.